Corsi Lies About Visiting Frank Marshall Davis’ House

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

On August 1, 2013, Jerome Corsi appeared on the Colorado morning radio program, The Peter Boyles Show. The archived audio of the hour describes his appearance as “Jerome Corsi from World Net Daily – Obama hid gay life to become president.” So you know you’re in for a classy discussion.

At approximately 7 minutes and 30 seconds into the archived recording, there is this exchange between Boyles and Corsi:

Boyles: “Joel Gilbert’s done great work. He’s matched the floorboards, in other words the hardwood in the house, it’s the same hardwood.”

Corsi: “Well I was with Joel on a lot of that. We went to the house where Frank Marshall Davis lived. Joel documented it all. I shared a lot of my research with Joel. And, y’know, all the circumstances of those photographs match the location.”

This exchange actually contains a lot of dishonesty about Joel Gilbert’s work. Boyles claims that Gilbert “matched the floorboards,” but of course Gilbert never once produced any photographs of any floorboards in Frank Marshall Davis’ house. Gilbert claimed in interviews that the floorboards looked similar, and he claimed that he’d taken photos, but no such photos ever appeared in his film or on his website. Neither he nor Corsi ever published a single bit of evidence, photographic or otherwise, to support the claim that the inside of Frank Marshall Davis’ house in Hawaii resembled the room depicted in the photos that Gilbert libelously claimed were of Ann Dunham. And Corsi is lying when he says that the photographs match the location.

(These facts are, unfortunately, the sort of thing that’s difficult to footnote. How does one best illustrate the absence of supposed evidence? All I can suggest is that if you were to scan Gilbert’s movie and peruse his website, you’ll see for yourself that there are ZERO comparison pictures taken inside Davis’ Hawaiian house. Indeed, the film doesn’t even make the floorboard claim.)

However, that’s not the point of this post. Rather, it is Corsi’s assertion that he personally accompanied Gilbert during Gilbert’s visit to Frank Marshall Davis’ house. Corsi had never said such a thing in his extensive reporting on Gilbert in 2012, and Gilbert had similarly never mentioned Corsi tagging along. But here he is in August 2013, declaring as fact that he traveled to to Frank Marshall Davis’ house in Hawaii alongside Joel Gilbert.

There is, of course, one independent witness who could confirm or deny this claim: the gentleman who actually lives in Frank Marshall Davis’ house. Last year he confirmed that Gilbert did visit his house under false pretenses, and he also confirmed that virtually everything Gilbert said about the house was completely false. But, importantly, the homeowner was himself present when Gilbert made his visit.

And so I contacted the homeowner again, to ask if Jerome Corsi had ever visited his home, with or without Joel Gilbert. Here is his response:

I don’t own a stack of Bibles, but if I did, I could swear upon them that to my knowledge Jerome Corsi has never visited my house with or without anyone else. Furthermore, to my knowledge, I have never met Jerome Corsi in person anywhere. Joel Gilbert’s visit to my house was a solo venture posing as a History Channel producer.

There’s no ambiguity there: when Jerome Corsi told Peter Boyles and his listeners that he had accompanied Joel Gilbert to Frank Marshall Davis’ house, he was blatantly lying to them all. This is not akin to misremembering who one attended a movie with; one does not accidentally misremember making a nonexistent, several-thousand mile trip for an event that one did not participate in. In other words, Corsi said he went with Gilbert to the Davis house, even though he knows, with 100% certainty, that he absolutely did not. A lie could not be more premeditated and unapologetic than that.

The takeaway lesson here is straightforward: Jerome Corsi is willing to openly lie about even basic actions that he has undertaken as a journalist. He will claim to have done things that he has not done. He will claim to have gone places that he has not visited. He will claim to have been physically present for events that he was not at.

This is why it is essential never to trust any original research or claim made by Corsi without independent confirmation from a neutral source. How can one trust an undisclosed document or an anonymous “informant” from Jerome Corsi, if he’s willing to fabricate and fictionalize his own journalistic travels?


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